Sunday, March 21, 2010

L O N D O N C A L L I N G !

Whoop I have been MIA for at least three months and yeah I'm bored so I decided to post about this outfit.
Verrry me at the moment. I have been feeling very London underground punk, if you haven't noticed.

 Faux-leather skirt with zipper-detailing from Metropark. What I like about this skirt that the little zippers on the sides actually work so you can give your legs more freedom.

These are my favorite staple at the moment; my Union Jack Dr. Martens. I wear them just about everywhere. My mom got these for me online a couple weeks ago and I've hardly taken them off since. I got the black torn leggings from Marshell's and I got the I.N.C. vest from Macy's.
Stonyish earings from 344; they may look like they way more than my house, but they're actually pretty light. I actaully wore this out the other day and some people asked me where I was from...yeah I didn't fake it and tell them I was from England, but I was pretty tempted to do so!

My mom took me to London last summer for my 16th birthday and we went insane in the gift shops with all of the union jacks and Londonesque stuff. It was awesome and eversince then I wear one the things I bought pretty much everyday. Hehe this is a picture of me in London. Is it me or does my eye look like its twitching...

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