Monday, November 22, 2010

vacation AHOY!

Although Thanksgiving break is the briefest of all breaks I could not be more excited for it to being. I've been posting less and less as every teacher at my school decides to give more and more work! I've even got a history test the day I get back! But enough about that! I just can't wait until TURKEY DAY! These photographs were taken during the "Animal Inside" shoot with Lexii. I waited until now to upload these becuase 1. it takes me forever to thoroughly go through an entire batch of photos and 2. these looked more "Russian" to Lexii and I so we just decided to name them "Russian Incursu" which is Latin for "Russian Invasion" (or at least that's what Google Translate told me.) Well I have a busy day tomorrow, I am going to see Harry Potter 7.1 (yet again) in IMAX 3D with a couple friends and then its off to do some break homework. YAY!

Friday, November 19, 2010

New Bass Oxfords!

Went to Macy's today with my mom and got these Bass oxfords! My mom's always talked about how she used to wear Bass shoes all the time when she was younger and I didn't realize why until today. The leather is soft and perfectly worn; I cannot wait to wear these on Monday. It's funny because just last night in the line outside of Cinemagic to see the midnight opening of Harry Potter 7.1 (which was awesome btw) Jill and I saw a girl rocking brown oxfords with denim shorts and black tights. It was funny because I was wearing like the same thing, but with black oxfords. I wouldn't have bought these if they were like my black Jeffrey Campbell oxfords but in brown. I am currently watching Monster's Inc. and dreaming about the upcoming TWO-DAY week of school. I have a lot planned for Thanksgiving break and it's all very awesome and exciting!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

17 going on TWELVE!

(Calvin Klein sweater, Fiorucci for Targetskirt, distressed Dr. Martens, thrifted hat)

It really cracks me up how awkward and little I look in this picture. I seriously look like a 12 year-old! I wore this to Chunky's for my friend Marissa's birthday on Thursday. I got this skirt like a million years ago at Target and I've been dying to wear it ever since I found it. I've been obsessed with this sweater for about a month and I've been wearing it like twice a week. I've been wanting a bomber hat for months and my mom has always said no because they were always like $10, but we were at Saver's a few weeks ago and I found this bomber for only $3! So she really couldn't say no.

My weekend was pretty uneventful after my epic photo session with Lexii on Friday. I went to my friend, Kylie's house after she left and we hung out and watched "What Happens In Vegas" with her boyfriend, Jesse, until about midnight when I had to go home. I saw them again yesterday at their band practice - I'm pretty much their official photographer/videographer so I go to their practices sometimes. After they finished practicing we watched "Rock Horror Picture Show" which pretty much made my day!

Friday, November 12, 2010

animal inside

Chosing a name for this shoot was probably the hardest thing Lexii and I have ever done. It was pretty ridiculous how long it took to chose a title. This is the infamous hat that I mentioned yesterday and I must say that when she showed it to me at Jill's last night I was pretty excited to shoot it! She told me she got it at Hot Topic and its furry with two long strips with paw-like  mittens that were the most adorable thing I have ever seen! We both are obessesed with Lady Gaga and we have been wanting to Gagaesque shoot together for months. This was not the part of the shoot that was "Gagaesque" for those of you raising your eyebrows - that came later. But when Lexii was describing the hat to me before we say each other yesterday she said that it could go animalistic or Gagesque so I said "why not do both!" This is the animalistic half of the shoot (I will upload the Gagaesque tomorrow.) We went for cat-like look which turned out nicely. I was very happy to be working with Lex again, its been a few months since our last session and we're hoping to make it more regular.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

track you down

HAPPY VETERANS DAY! and a very happy birthday to my good friend Marissa! Thanks to all the vets who have fought so hard for our country. You guys rock.

I have just received word via Facebook that Lexii got an awesome hat that is "begging to be photographed" so we're getting together tomorrow after Jill's for a photo session with said camera-whore hat. Not sure what we're doing for the shoot quite yet - seeing as I haven't even seen the hat yet.

I just love it when my friends contribute to what I do; it really makes it worth-while.

This was taken - again - on the walking tour of Merrimack. I swear the place is crawling with photo-worthy scapes! I think I should move there and take photographs in my backyard everyday. I found these train tracks to be so inspiring. Jill was sharing a few memories from these tracks and was really inspiring to hear her stories and what this place meant to her. I'm sure to be back.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

just kidding...nature kicks mario cart butt!

Family Game Night was cancelled thanks to a certain someone (John, your immune system sucks!) So am home tonight, when I should be downing massive amounts of grape soda and losing miserably at Mario Cart. On the bright side I spent the evening with my mom and we went out to one of my favorite places in the whole wide world - Sephora! I got some stuff...which I will blog about tomorrow. The lighting's not good at the moment and Cammy (my camera) is being kind of a big jerk right now - not focusing like a good little camera - so I have been forced to blog about something other than beauty and fashion - NATURE!

These were taken two weeks ago during my walking tour of Jill's hometown. No Jill to be seen in this post, but lots and lots of NATURE! I just love the fall for its colors, for its smell, and also for the amazing backdrop it creates for my photography...okay I really like stuffing my face at Thanksgiving and hot chocolate on a nippy night, BUT I still love the scenery more than I love that of summer or spring. I don't take a lot of photographs of subjects other than people, but its been growing on me a lot lately and I think I will be doing a lot more of it. I was experimenting with my "sports" option on Cammy for the water shots. I don't use this option too often because...well I don't go to a lot of sporting events that I actually watch. ANYWAY it took the fast moving water beautifully so for that I think I will be using it more often for moving targets (for lack of a better word.) It took me this long to actually go through the nature shots and edit the keepers and I am so glad that I finally did. I do have more that I edited, but I'll save that for a rainy day.

Assuming that all my friends don't come down with some cursed 24-hour flu tomorrow, a bunch of us should be seeing "Due Date" tomorrow afternoon and then going over to Jill's for the night. I know last weekend was great with the Blair Witch Project and Toy Story 3 so I'm hoping tomorrow night will be just as awesome! Thank goodness for long weekends...and the mercy of my high school for giving me an extra day off Friday.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

john lennon specks

(Thrifted circle sunglasses)

Since last April, my friends Lexii, John, Peter, and I have been getting together for "Family Game Night." We've had 3 since last spring and we've been trying to have them whenver we can and we're having one tomorrow at Lexii's! It's a good time we play Star Wars Trouble, Family Feud, Mario Cart, and the Game of Things. I'm not quite sure why we always play these, but its what we have and its fun every time. This will be the 4th time so...I'm thinking we might do something we don't usually do.

This photo was taken at our last Family Game Night when Lexii asked to try on my "John Lennon Specks" - as I call them. I got these from Saver' every other awesome thing in my closet. Not much of an upload tonight. I've got a lot of work to do and tests to study for, but I took a little break to do something fun. I just wanted to fill you in on my plans for tomorrow. Since my school decided to be awesome we have Veteren's Day (Thursday) and Friday off...just because. So I obviously am going to take extreme advantage of this and do as much fun stuff as possible!

Here's a video that I made of what our game nights are typically like. The footage is all from our first one back in April. ENJOY!

Monday, November 8, 2010

video propaganda

Over the summer I began experimenting with videography. I edited a few fun videos out of clips taken of me and my friends and then I began filming more art films. I posted yesterday and then realized that I hadn't posted any of my videos on here! I thought you guys might want to check it out. I edited the two with Lexii in "Windows Movie Maker" which came with my laptop and I edited Birgitta's with "Adobe Premiere Elements 0.8."

I really hope you enjoy them.

This one was my very first art film. Lexii and I are both huge Andy Warhol & Edi Sedgewick fans so we decided that for our first video collaboration we decided to go for a vintage, 60's feel and that's what the finished product became. It was funny at first because Lexii wasn't used to seeing herself starring in her own art film and I wasn't used to having pictures moving as I edited them.

During the first video, Lexii and I overlooked quite a few bits of good footage. This was pretty much a scrap video - made of some scraps of unused footage and some previously used footage. Hope you like it!

My little cousin, Birgitta, is one the people I care about the most in the world. This was the first video that I edited in Adobe Premiere so please be kind. The footage in this video was taken the same day as the "Skinny Love" photo set.

Nothing too happy happened today. I went to school, got home and went right to my room to study for 3 quizes, finish up a project, and do other homework stuff. Not a very eventful Monday.

How was yours?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

in my shoes + mixtape #2

 (Jeffrey Campbell wooden clogs, Dr. Martens, Jeffrey Campbell for Free People studded oxfords & cork wedges, thrifted white moccasins, Kelsi Dagger wedge booties)

So over the summer I began my "cool" shoe collection; before this summer my shoes consisted of a pair of black, buckled UGG boots and a million pairs of converse, which I hardly even wear anymore. I got into Jeffrey's after looking for a pair of heeled clogs that looked like the ones from Chanel S/S 2010 and found these at Nordstrom. I loved them so much that I went on and found at least a million pairs of shoes that I love - I've been hooked since then.

These brown Docs are not my only pair - they're the only pair that I wear regularly. They're actually supposed to be my mom's, but she never wears them...because I wear them all the time! I got them in June and thought they were way too awesome to wait to wear until fall so I broke them in pretty fast in that hot, humid, New England weather. They look pretty old now - just the way I them!

I got the Jeffrey Campbell oxfords and the wedges in the same order on sale from Free People. The oxfords were supposed to be my school shoes (Catholic school with uniform) but I'm pretty sure that now that its cold enough to wear tights and flats I'll be wearing these more places than just school. I wore the wedges out a lot towards the end of the summer and also quite a few times to school on free dress days (days when we can wear whatever-the-hell we want) and I've gotten a bunch of compliments.

Alright so these "Walkables" are pretty much Minnetonka knock-offs. I actually have a legit pair - hmm probs should have included those...whatever I'm too lazy to add - but the sole fell off the first time I wore them out so I felt pretty jibbed. I fixed them with hot glue. ANYWAY I found these at Saver's for $8 which is WAY less then what I paid for the Minnetonkas. I've been wearing these a lot just because I love the beaded bird on the front and I really...don't have any white shoes.

These black wedge booties are the newest edition to my collection...and have yet to be worn outside the house. I was SO close to wearing them out the other day BUT I found something cooler to wear...pretty sure it was the Docs...I'll wear these eventually, but I <3 them so it won't be a problem. I got them at Marshall's for a pretty good price along with a pair of knee-high boots, which I was also going to include in this post, but couldn't figure out to properly shoot them sooo. You'll see them eventually; they're the kind of boots that look better on than not.

1. Thieves by She & Him
2. Kisses Over Babylon by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
3. Before Destruction by Spoon
4. Your Lips Are Red by St. Vincent
5. I Like My Mice (Dead) by Mildred
6. Opposite of Adolesence by Chiddy Bang
7. January Wedding by The Avett Brothers
8. Shakin' All Over by The Guess Who
9. Woman King by Iron & Wine
10. Split Needles by The Shins

Thankyou to all the awesome comments that I've been getting. I greatly appreciate everyone of them!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

your lips are red

(Active lace top, Free People lace slip, and thrifted vest)

The vest - I'm just about positive - used to belong to some old lady with a million cats, but I'm not sure. I got it at the best place in the world - SAVERS! I'm telling you its the store I've been to the most in the past month. Even my friends love it! Oakley actually picked out this old-hippie vest saying "I bet you could rock this with something cool." I took her up on that bet and bought it for $4 and I've been wearing it everywhere.

During the summer I began to beg my mom to let me wear bright red lipstick. Whenever we would be in Sephora I would go right to the bright-colored lipstick and attempt to try some on and she would be all like "NO!" you're too young to wear red, it makes you look old. But I just would think "Hmm...well I'm 17 now, if I wear it now and look older that's fine, but when I'm like 40 looking old isn't good sooo...wouldn't make more sense to wear it now?" SO we were at the M.A.C. counter in Macy's and I snuck some M.A.C. Pro Longwear Lipcolour. Mom finally decided to let me buy it. I wore for about a week straight in August and then kind of just forgot about it until last night when I pulled it out again to try. So while I was editing these my Mom comes in and goes "WHOA! Why are you wearing red lipstick?" then she tells me to throw out the tube. I get all freak out and go "NO! It's from M.A.C. no way in hell am I throwing it out!"

Haha so yeah that was my night. I'm a sucker for nude lips, but sometimes they get boring so I pull this out for whirl. My eyes seem to get all the attention in the morning; it was time to give my lips a little attention.

I'm considering wearing this shade tonight when I meet up with my friends, but I'm not quite sure yet. I mean I like it in pictures and everything, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to showcase such a bold lipcolor to my friends quite yet. We'll see!

I cannot wait until 7:00 to get out of the house and away from homework!

Hmm...I'm thinking of blogging about my shoes tomorrow! Have a Happy Saturday!

Friday, November 5, 2010

desert song

(Free People lace slips and tank top)

There's nothing I like more than a new shipment of Free People! My mom surprised me with this same slip in navy blue and then she came into my room with a big package and out fell these three! I wish I could upload a fabric sample for you to feel; they feel amazing! They were all on sale like every other piece of Free People that I own. I've got to say though; I just received the November catalog and my mom let me put together a wishlist of all the things that I like. There's no way I'm getting all of it because the list goes on for miles!

P L A N S   F O R   T H E   W E E K E N D

Nothing special; I'm going to a home football game with my friends and then we're all going to Jill's to watch the Blair Witch Project. Should be fun since I've never seen it and I have some guy friends to cling to when it gets scary.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

ten cent pistol grip

(Geek Glasses from Newbury Comics; Dress from Aerie)

I feel like I've uploaded like a million photos in this Aerie dress. These are actually from a while ago in September...I PROMISE that I will start uploading more current  things...hmm maybe I'll stop uploading all of my weekend shoot photos all together in one post. Maybe I'll start uploading like one photo a day! XD yeah I don't think I'll be able to do that.

ANYWAY about these photos. The photo at the head of my first mixtape is a part of this shoot. My status of Facebook for like a week was "really wants some waterguns." I was very inspired by some fake, very real-looking guns that I saw in a magazine and I just thought "hmm maybe I should start working with props." SO I go over to Oakley's house and she says she has a present for me and before I left she hands me a bag that has these three bright and colorful WATERGUNS! That was a while ago and I waited until the end of September to shoot; I made shot the solos of the guns as an almost end of summer closer.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blue Blood Blues

These were taken at a Dead Weather concert at the House of Blues in Boston that I went to in July. Probably the concert that I was the most excied to go to. I said in one of my previous posts that I am an enormous Dead Weather fan so going to one of their concerts was an amazing experience. You should have seen me bouncing off the walls before I left for the House of Blues. It was kind of ridiculous how excited I was.

Jack White has been my hero since my Freshmen year (gee it sure doesn't sound cool to say that until you get past sophmore year...) anyway! I listened to the White Stripes first then the Dead Weather and then I moved on to the Raconteurs - the order was a little messed, but I've loved everything he's done. It was pretty huge to see my idol in person. I enjoyed that conert so much that I actually asked my mom if she would take me to their last show in NYC...but she said no :(