Friday, December 31, 2010

new year's eve dress

(Free People dress, Dalia Collection vest, Me Too heels, Forever 21 necklace, and circle specks from Saver's.)

Happy almost New Year! Heading into Burlington today for some shopping then heading over to Lexii's at six for New Year's. Should be a pretty stellar day. Tomorrow, on New Year's Day I will beginning a new project, which I will explain when tomorrow comes, but until then enjoy the New Year's activities! This is the infamous Free People dress that I've been blogging about all vacation. I know its kind of hidden under the vest, but it will be shown a little more at a later date.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

leftover Chinese food

These were taken a couple days ago, when I was one my clothing roll, but I didn't want to upload them in the same bulk as the clothing pictures so...Bit of an uneventful day; our plans to go into Burlington fell through so we stayed in, ate some leftover Chinese food, and watched a bunch of movies. Had a good time yesterday with the cousins. We took a trip to Saver's and surprisingly enough I bought nothing but a children's tricycle (which just happened to gave 4 wheels...not quite sure what to call it) for $1.99. We went out to dinner at a Chinese place near our house and ordered WAY to much food (hence the "leftover Chinese food.") Despite doing nothing today I have some BIG plans for tomorrow. Its freakin New Year's Eve! You have to have big plans on New Year's. A bunch of us are going to a party at Lexii's and staying for the night. Should be fun lots of awesome stuff like barbecue chicken pizza and Twister! WILL be posting early tomorrow about my party outfit which includes my new lace dress, heels, and a vest - excitment!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


(Free People lace slip, thrifted silky robe, Kelsi Dagger wedges, knit headband from Metropark, Forever 21 & Lucky Brand rings.)

Not sure what to call my paisely, silky robey-thingy...I got it Saver's and I was drawn to it for some reason and I don't even like paisely! I threw it on with the slip that I was wearing (which happened to be this one) and I liked the way they looked together. On top of that its from Saver's so if you frequently shop at Saver's like I do, you'll get it. We don't have a lot of thrift stores around here so I have to buy most of my things new, but Saver's is awesome because I find SICK stuff that I can't find anywhere else. The headband was on sale at Metropark a while ago and I never really thought to wear it around my forehead until yesterday when I looking for a thick band to wear.

Yesterday was a good day. BLACK SWAN was amazing! It gave me just the right dose of my favorite things - ballet, insanity, beautiful people, and RODARTE! Being a dancer, myself I now find it odd that I've never seen Swan Lake; this of course will change as soon as possible. I have a new-found respect for Natalie Portman. I'm so glad that I finally got to see it. After seeing a morning showing of Black Swan and got lunch at Panera with some friends and then we played a few rounds of mall hide-and-seek. I don't know if you've ever played this, but if you're ever done with peering in the windows of stores whose glorious contents are unaffordable on your budget try it out!

OH! BTW the black lace Free People dress came yesterday! LOVE!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

lonely fur-trapper

(H&M plaid button-down, Zara T-shirt, Dalia Collection faux fur vest, boots from BC Footwear, bomber hat from Saver's, Owl & Black Stone rings from Forever 21.)

I woke up pretty late yesterday morning and...the world was white! We had a huge blizzard last night! I didn't get into photography until early last winter and during that time all I wanted to photograph were grassy scapes, not snowy white ones. But ironically enough when I finally got the chance to photography and springy landscape I wanted the snow! I'm trying to teach myself to live and moment and make the most of the backdrop given to me. soon as I saw the snow I ran to my closet and grabbed the warmest junk I could find and threw it on! I ended up looking like this, like lonely, modern-day fur-trapper. I think that's how I'm going to dress this winter.

Going to see Black Swan today now that its finally playing somewhere near me! Rodarte tutus and lesbian make out scenes here I come! Then I'm meeting up with some friends for a much-needed Saver's run. I'll be sure to come back to all of you with some second-hand goodies! Have a happy Tuesday!

Monday, December 27, 2010

bulletproof heart

(Calvin Klein cotton sweater, Marc by Marc Jacobs slip dress, Kelsi Dagger platform wedges, Free people cross-shoulder bag, Forever 21 & Lucky Brand rings.)

I got this Calvin Klein Sweater for Xmas the other day and decided that it was the perfect mixture of style and comfort. I got the dress a while ago and decided to throw it on. I practically begged my mom to get me the platforms and the bag was on sale at the Free People store in Burlington.

AND speaking of Free People my mom just informed me that she ordered me the lace dress that I've been wanting since I saw it in the Free People holiday lookbook! I can't wait for it to come! Also I have yet to go into Burlington to spend some Xmas dough and go shopping online for some shoes...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Adam's Ale Muse

Happy Boxing Day to all those inhabitants of countries where the day after Christmas is an actual holiday! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I spent the beginnings of my Christmas vacation up in North Conway with the cousins. I got to leave school early on Wednesday so that we could drive up North to go skiing with the cousins.

Hem hem, now back to my subject; I'm sure you're wondering where these were shot and the answer is in the pool at the North Conway Grand Hotel! I had finished swimming and I was just dangling my feet over the side of the pool, watching Mikaela and Birgitta swim. That's when I noticed how amazing the image of Mikaela looked submerged under the water. So I actually ran all the way back to our room (by "ran" I mean took the elevator all the way up to the fourth floor) to grab Cammy just so I could take some photographs of Mikaela in the water and I'm glad I did because these look so different from my usual shots!

I always get a little sad the day after Christmas. Its the kind of sad when you don't know what to do with yourself now that the fun of the Christmas season is over. But I'm hoping to cheer myself up a little bit by searching for the perfect pair of Jeffrey Campbell platforms (within my Christmas money price range) and cooing at everything Agnes from Despicable Me does.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

i am the sugar plume fairy!

(Esprit peacoat, Dooney and Bourke bag, Free People slip, thrifted robe)

Oakley and I went into Boston last night to see the Boston Ballet's production of the Nutcracker, which was pretty exciting for me, who is a dancer and neverbefore seen it live! So naturally I was PUMPED! We walked around a while on Newbury St. (one of my favorite places in the world) and later had dinner at P.F. Chang's which tasted amazing. Our trip went quite smoothly until our GPS freaked out on us and we ended up in Concord...weird, but besides that minor setback we arrived home with pleasant thoughts of snowflakes and sugar plum fairies.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

your love is a deserter

(Calvin Klein slouchy sweater, Free People lace slip, and Jeffrey Campbell for Free People cork platforms)

I just got a account and I finally decided to post a full-body shot of myself on there. This is what I'm wearing tonight to my friend's play. I hope you all have a good weekend.

Friday, December 10, 2010

the last of the fall

(Mikaela wears: Dalia Collection faux fur vest, Free People lace slip, Jeffrey Campbell for Free People studded oxfords, and Cynthia Rowley hat. Birgitta wears: Gap Kids sweater, Free People lace slip, Scala hat, and Bass oxfords.)

This shoot was kind of my goodbye to the crisp autumn days and HELLO to those cold winter nights. I'm pretty sure that this is the last shoot that I will be able to do this fall with all the work I have to do before Christmas break. Fall always goes by way to fast for me, but I do love the winter - it's when my favorite holiday occurs! CHRISTMAS! I can't believe how quickly its coming up - only 15 days way! I can't wait for it. I finally got my license last weekend so there will be plenty of shoots in places other than my yard to come.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Brandon Flowers Concert

(Military jacket found at an army store in Maine, J.Jill sweater, Free People lace slip, MIXIN 06 boots, thrifted hat)

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving. I know mine was stuffed with stuffing, mashed potatoes, a too-small-for-16-people turkey and a HUGE apple pie!
The Killers have been one of my favorite bands for years and when Oakley told me that Brandon Flowers had made a solo album I got a little scared and little excited. The album ended up being great so we decided to go see him in Boston. Oakley and I spend the day after Thanksgiving in Boston. Before heading to the Boston House of Blues we went for sushi at Fin in Kenmore Square and explored in Boston until 5 when we got in line and met some pretty interesting characters including a college student in a bear hat named Max. We had a great time even before the concert started. I do love the city; Boston is definatly on my list of places that I want to live...after New York City that is. The concert itself was amazing. A band from San Deigo opened for Brandon called "The Tranfer." They ended up being really good so I bought their CD after the concert and even got to meet them (I even hugged the lead singer!) Brandon was even more amazing than I thought he was going to be. He played my favorites; "Only the Young," "Jilted Lovers and Broken Hearts," and "Crossfire." We stayed after the show ended to see if we could meet him before he got on his bus (which we are touching in the last picture) but unfortunatly he had skipped out and gone to dinner right after he got of stage. We were very disappointed about this, but we had an AMAZING time in Boston.

Plans for the night? Hmm...I'm finally going to see Burlesque with Lexii and Jacky tonight at 7 should be fun seeing as I have been dying to see this movie for weeks!