Thursday, October 28, 2010

Skinny love

 These were taken quite a while ago (like everything else on this blog.) These are from the 4th of July; I'm pretty sure it was a few days after my first shoot with Lexii. This was around the time that I began bringing my camera with me everywhere. It's amazing when I look back and its only been a few short months since my discovered love for photography.

These were the first legit photos I took of my 11year-old cousin, Birgitta. We were bored sitting by the pool on the 4th of July and she just happened to be sitting in a chair with this multicolored towl over her face so I decided to take a few pictures of her. I even met a family friend that day who was really into photography who gave me a few pointers that I really listened to. It kills me that I can't even remember her name.

About these late updates: they will not be for long - I've got a busy weekend ahead of me with a million chances for photo-opps so I will be sure to upload as soon as I get back...not sure if I'll be able to post tomorrow after school or not. I really shouldn't even be on right now. I have 3 huge tests to study for tomorrow - I really hate being a Junior sometimes.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Only the young

(Aerie white dress)
These were taken a LONG time ago when I went to the King Richard's Faire back in September. I went with my good friends Kylie and Jesse...oddly enough I don't have any pictures of him from that day. I decided to upload these for lack of finding a more awesome thing to blog about while going through my computer. I can't begin to tell you how much stuff I bought (including that flowery headpiece I was wearing back a few posts) my mom was kinda mad, but then she was okay saying that "we don't come here everyday" so it was cool. I had some pretty cool experiences that day; tried on my first (actual) corset, met a prostitute that I really liked, heard the filthiest version of the "Pussycat Song" ever! Which was supposed to be about a cat, but ended up being about a...well you get it. I also saw a gorgeous owl, which you can see above. I just love owls; I probably have a million wearable objects with owls on them.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wilting rose petals

My mom has this gorgeous flower garden all around our house. Usually when I take photographs I go outside to take them; its rare that I shoot indoors. There is just so much to play with outside. But anyway it was like 7:00 and I really liked the way these yellow and orange roses looked and I knew they wouldn't look as good in the morning so I just shot them right then and there.

I had SUCH a long day today! First, I went to school and did education stuff 'til 2:00 then I came (drove) home, and then got picked up at my abode at 4:00 for my LAST driving lesson ever, so that lasted until 6:00 and then I had to go to dance from 7-9. Now I am blogging to you lovely people. The weather didn't help so much with all the running around I was doing all day. It was seriously 76 degrees October - only in New England that's all I have to say!

Monday, October 25, 2010


My friend, Jill and I came up with a really awesome concept for an art film. We decided to do it in the woods with all of our friends. We made plans to get together and film this last Saturday, but unfortunately only a few of us could attend - even Jill couldn't be there! Since only a few of us were able to film we went out and did a little shooting, but decided to save all of the big shots until we were all able to be there. I'll be sure to upload the finished product when it's done.

These are a few "behind-the-scenes" photos taken under a bridge near my house. I have to go back there and take some more; I just love the look of concrete! Greg managed to steal my bomber hat from Saver's and wear it for pretty much the entire time we filmed. Saver's is pretty much my go-to place for cheap awesomeness. I think I've gone there at least five times in the past three weeks. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010


(J.Jill velvet top, Free People fingerless gloves)

These were taken for a collection that I'm doing involving "embracing" your flaws and making them beautiful. I was very self-conscience about almost everything about myself for many years. It wasn't until recently that I embraced and began to acknowledge my unique ethic background and began to show it off. I am biracial and very proud of it. These photographs are very personal to me partly because they are so shot so close to my face that you can really see every flaw of my face. The last is odd to me; it doesn't even look like me.

I fell like I've been falling into a make up rut lately and I so bought a new cream eye shadow my Make Up Forever that I am in love with! It's this very bright green color and it really makes my pop. The lipstick is Sephora brand. I don't wear it very often but I think I might start. I got these Free People gloves last December at their store in Boston. I'm not an enmorous fan of J.Jill because I think its for older women. But I raded my mom's closet the other day and found some pretty awesome stuff that she doesn't even wear anymore. Velvet is in for fall so I figured I might as well snag it!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

You are fading

(Mikaela: Delias t-shirt, Birgitta: Victoria's Secret Pink t-shirt)

I should really start uploading these in order. I swear! Once I get all of my work up to date I will begin uploading cronologically.

This is a pretty simple shoot; not planned at all. The Cousins just showed up very late in the afternoon and I just threw white t-shirts from my own wardrobe at them and told them go outside and pose for me. I noticed that I didn't have any shots with the two of them so I decided to actually do some sisterly photographs.

The first and last shots are probably my favorites. The first took a very long time to position just the way I wanted it; they just didn't understand what I wanted them to do and everytime I would tell them to move into place they would bonk heads, which was pretty comical. The last - to me - is almost haunting. Neither of them knew that I was taking the picture and I think they saw something move behind them and Mikaela just turned so fast right when I snapped the pictures. I'm usually OCD when it comes to blury photos, but I did not mind this one because it almost looks deliberate.

Friday, October 22, 2010

High Voltage

I really should have uploaded these first. These were the photos that were taken for Lexii's modeling portfolio. This was really my first big shoot and we had a great time doing it.

Lexii and I have been friends for about two years. We basically bonded over hair...her hair. I turned to her one day in civics class freshmen year and said "I like your hair." We've been friends ever since.

We only just started taking photographs together back in the fall of 2009; during my Dead Weather inspired black and white photos.

Lexii is a joy to work with and really knows how to pose. Her face is flawless as is her ability to move into position.

I am grateful to her for being such a great friend to me. Without her I wouldn't have such a beautiful subject to photograph. I'm also quite sure that I wouldn't started photographing if it wasn't for her.

Dancing around folds in her gown

(Calvin Klein sweater, Forever 21 rings, necklace = pendent from Micheal's, vintage Dooney & Bourke bag, and the head piece was found at King Richard's Faire)

I haven't played very much with light and this shoot was a lot about the sun setting behind me. I wanted my styling to be very soft. I got that flowered headpiece at a fair up near the cape; deciding that it was a legit spend because I knew it would look marvelous in a collection of pictures. This was taken of myself because I am my most excessable model and I know how a want a photo to look and I can do that myself; its much easier when I know what I want.