Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 ipod owners


Jack White is my idol and when I found out he was starting another band with Alison Mosshart (lead singer of the Kills) I almost had a heartattack. The Dead Weather's Horehound came out a few days before I left for Europe and it completely owned my iPod on the plane and during those long bus rides in the country. I'm going to borrow a description of the band from Jack White and say that their sound sounds like a bear's three collective swipes. It's pretty hard for me to pick a favorite song on this album because the whole album is outstanding.


Okay I know it's really lame to put up the New Moon soundtrack as one of my favorites albums, but I seriously listen to this like everyday. I found a lot of new bands that I like from this soundtrack. That is the point of being put on a soundtrack. The songs are mournful and kind of depressiong, but it works because that is what New Moon was supposed to be. My favorite song would have to be Roslyn by Bon Iver & St. Vincent. I'll never get sick of this song.


Okay I know this didn't come out this year, but it still owned my ipod from the time I got it to now! I actually found the Kills a while ago, but I didn't really get into them until last June. This album is made up of VV's distored voice and hard guitar, making one of the most original albums I've heard this year. Keep On Your Mean Side was the Kill's first album and it was the first one I bought because I couldn't leave without it (and because it had the most songs.) My favorite song on the album is The Search For Cherry Red just for that sexy taste of danger in every syllable.


I'm still trying to figure out what the yellow thing is...anyone know? So I found the Yeah Yeah Yeahs through Gossip Girl. Whoever does the music for that show is awesome. I would like to have coffee with her someday. ANYWAY! It's Blitz is my #5 album for the year. The whole thing just makes me want to dance. I can't figure out which song is my favorite. I've been listening to Heads Will Roll nonstop for the past 24 hours, but I love the slower songs like Soft Shock and Hysertic. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs were my spring break soundtrack.


I've loved the Raveonettes ever since I heard Aly, Walk With Me last spring, but for some reason I wasn't so crazy about Lust. I remember I had just found the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Raveonettes were listed under the "Listeners Also Bought" heading. In And Out Of Control came out in October and I bought, not expecting another album from them for a while. I listened to it once and I was hooked, my favorite song being Gone Forever. I even got my mom into them.


Obviously I am including soundtracks in this list =) Like I said in a previous post I loved Jennifer's Body and of course I bought the soundtrack. It had to perfect combination of pop and rock and I loved every song. The only song I didn't include on my iPod was Running After Chip, because there was an incident when I woke up in the middle of the night to this song and I totally freaked out. This is another album that I cannot find a favorite, I love them all.

Jeez I remember New Year's Eve last year. I went to the funeral of someone I barely knew, I really hate doing that, I don't know anyone. Then a huge snow storm broke out and my aunt was driving me and my cousins to a hotel for the night, because there was no way we were driving all the way home. So we were stranded at the Holiday Inn. It was fun we watched Elf for the millionth time. I can even remember the music that ruled my iPod at that point. The Foals, Bloc Party, Radiohead...and I'm sure there were others I just don't remember.

This year I was home with my mom and we watched Dawson's Creek and ate pistachio nut muffins. I can't believe how fast 2009 went! I have a ton of great memories from this year that I wouldn't trade (wow...CORNDOG!) and I had a great year.

Maybe I should actually make some New Year's resolutions.

1. work on flattening my stomach for bikini season
2. harder and get up my Geometry grade
3. spend less and save more
4. work on spending less time at home and more time out with my girls.
5. satisfy all of my creative needs (ex: grab and friend and use her as a model for my photographs!)
6. write more
7. work on getting my half turns perfect (a.k.a. kick-ass in modeling class)
8. Find more albums to own my iPod in 2010
9. crap i'm really out of ideas...text more...
10. straigthen my hair less and let it's curliness shine through!

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