Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ladyhawke, bon iver, temper trap, the editors, the black keys...OH MY!

I was given a $25 iTunes gift card for Christmas last week and of course I spent it all in one go. Here's what I've bought so far. I still have about $2.00 left over so...

I found on article on her in a Teen Vogue from last year. I was bored so I checked her out and loved it. It sounds like indie dance music. Who doesn't like dance music? My favorite song on here has to be Magic the video is awesome. It reminds me a lot of old music videos from the  80's. The guy in there is pretty hawt too.

Bon Iver did a collaboration with St. Vincent on the Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack. The song was called Roslyn and it's my favorite song at the moment, I could listen to it over and over. I decided to look them up on Pandora and I loved them. I bought this a few days ago and I have yet to fully listen to it, but so far I really like Flume. The whole album is very sweet, it's the kind of music that I wish someone would write about me.

I just recently saw (500) Days of Summer and I loved it! The whole story was all very sweet. The soundtrack was great too, but I didn't buy it (I was running out of dough on my iTunes card [I had about $5.00 left on my card by then.]) I didn't buy the whole Temper Trap album either, just Sweet Desposition. The song just makes me feel happy. It practically owns my iPod right now.

Another Twilight-related band. I'm sorry they just put such good music on that soundtrack, I listen to it practically everyday! I loved No Sound But The Wind so of course I looked them up on iTunes too. I sadly couldn't buy the whole album, but I did buy An End Has A Start which is one of my favorites on the album.

I'm a huge White Stripes fan, so I made a station for them on Pandora and the Black Keys came up. I love their sound. Dan Auerbach has an awesome voice. I'm such a sucker for blues-rock bands, they just sound so cool. I only bought I Got Mine, which is yet another song that makes me happy. I'll have to be extra nice to my mommy so that she'll let me buy the rest of the album =)

Oh and...

I bought the Woman King - EP a couple weeks ago, but I think it's good enough to blog about. I've had Iron & Wine on my iPod for a while (Naked As We Came; Love And Some Verses; Flightless Bird, American Mouth) but when I looked up Bon Iver, Iron & Wine came up too and I really liked a bunch of the songs. I bought this because I heard Jezebel and I really liked it.

My taste in music changes a lot, but these days I've been really into Folk-rock.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Me + Fashion

I am in love with Rodarte! I have spent the last 24 hours flipping through Vogue and seeing nothing but Rodarte and I decided that I love it (especially those black thigh high boots.) I just love all of the color schemes and the textures they use.

I love everything about this outfit. The texture is awesome, the color is awesome, and I love these tights!

These shoes by Rodarte and I are going to get married without a doubt. That is if they don't stab me to death before we do. I seem to always love this shade of blue and the studs give it such a cool edge.

I'm also crazy for Louis Vuitton. Ever since I saw this dress on Leighton Meester (I am a huge Gossip Girl fan.) Those red pumps really made the outfit. I once bought a dress like this from Charlotte Russe, but as always it wasn't as good as the real thing. I remember a few weeks ago I was flipping through Elle and found this dress. I got excited and looked for the price thinking maybe I could save up for it or something. My eyes jumped to the first price listed which was $480. I went "That's awfully cheap for a Louis Vuitton" but of course I looked harder and found that it was actually a Louis belt that was $480, I was more than a little upset to find that thw dress was $2,817. That'll put a dent in my piggy bank. I suppose I'll just have to stick with the dress from Charlotte Russe. It's too bad this would be my ideal semi-formal dress.

I love these, especially the third from the left with the blue and the black. Its absolutely gorgeous! If you haven't noticed from the name of this blog I love tulle. I have two tulle skirt that I wear all the time; one that I bought from Marshell's and one that I got at H&M the last time I was in Bostom. Like I said before that blue color is pretty much my favorite color right now.

The fall '09 Balmain jackets are amazing. I love them! The black military jacket on the far left is my favorite out of all of these. I want to be buried in that jacket. I want one to wear one of these jackets before I die. I really love the jeans here too.

The dress on the far right is my dream semi-formal dress. It is so gorgeous! These are kind of dress I would wear. I haven't been this excited about a mini dresses in a long time. They're short enough to dance in and they look awesome. I could do with a pair of those awesome boots too.

In case you haven't noticed I'm a sucker for black and when you add some girly touches like tulle or lace I'm hooked.

I got the Lola by Marc Jacobs lotion and parfume set for Christmas and I love it. It smells amazing. I've been  using it almost everyday since Christmas. I'm not all that crazy about his clothes, but I love his ads and shoes. I love the ones where he advertises his clothes they make me smile.

The majority of my fashion obsessions have to do with black, studs, and anything out of the ordinary, that you wouldn't see everywhere.

I'm going to have to upload a full picture of myself at some point ( tomorrow maybe.) That sounds good, I've been doing nothing but watching movies all week and soon I'll have to go back to school.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I <3 Movies

I will update you on all of the media fun I have been watching lately! Yesterday my friend and I had an enormous Sailor Moon marathon. It was pretty awesome. They all look so cute.

I was like obsessed with this show when I was 10. My friend found the videos I have in my room and decided it would be fun to watch. We were so bored. So we ended up watching like all of the them. It was pretty awesome. They're all so cute! I understand why I loved it so much when I was little. It's so cute and happy.


And then today my Rae and I went to the mall just to get Jennifer's Body on DVD. We were so cool. What? I liked that movie. I went to see it twice!

Yeah I love Megan Fox.

Then we watched (500) Days of Summer on Demand, which I have been wanted to see since it was in theaters in the summer. It's probably on my top 10 at the moment. My friends and I didn't like the ending too much though. We're not Summer's biggest fans either. I've got to say though Zooey Deschanel has amazing eyes, I am so jealous.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree!

Merry Christmas!
I'm really finding it funny that I am finding the time to blog about my Christmas with the hectic day I've had. So today I got up, helped my mom cook (in other words we warmed up the turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes that we had Market Basket prepare for us) then my aunt, uncle, and cousin surprised us by arriving early. Of course I ran upstairs before they could see me with a bare face and wearing baggy sweats (shivers.) I came down, finally looking presentable and we had an awesome Christmas. I'll have to blog about the awesome presents I received. My mom seriously knows me better than I do...I think.

And now for a cute xmas pic of me and my cousins!

That's me on the far right, my cousin Mikaela on the far left, and little Birgitta in the middle. She's the cousin in the picture of me with the snowball I posted yesterday.

Damn my stomach hurts from all those Christmas cookies. I really think Birgitta put some kind of drug in there to make them addicting! I ate so much today I'm going have to stay at the gym all day tomorrow to work off all that. No worries its the holidays.

I'm looking at the clock and it says 9:54, I honestly thought it was later than that. I'll blog more about my Christmas tomorrow, but in the mean time tell me about yours.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Never Too Cold For Sushi

I just got back from Market Basket with my mom. We picked up our turkey and everything for tomorrow. We even got sushi! As I was bringing in the food from our car I thought

Do I really want to eat sushi on such a cold day? Of course I do!

Man do I love food shopping...not really. The sushi was good though.

Last night I was at Dollar Tree getting some more tape for my mom. I'm standing in line and this guy behind me is talking on his cell to his mom. Me being, the nosey idiot I am, decided to amuse myself by listening to his conversation. The first thing I hear out of his mouth is "No, mom, I'm not smoking pot anymore!" I legit had to hug myself to keep from laughing. As soon as I paid and left I laughed SO HARD!

Yeah...and then I found $10

So Christmas is tomorrow and I am so pumped! We've got the whole family coming over along with some close family friends. It should be a blast. I do love Christmas.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Yeah so today I was helping out my mom with all of our Xmas preparations (cleaning not present-wrapping I suck at that) and it popped into my head

What to do with that money my grandma sent me for Christmas.

Hm....and then it hit me! I'll buy myself a pair of Dr. Martens!!!

Are these not the most amazing things you've ever seen? So yeah, Mama bear got all excited when I told her I wanted a pair of Dr. Martens. I apparently wore them as a youngster and she loved them. I'm sure I can scrounge up a picture somewhere...

Just ordered them As soon I get them I'm going to have to take some pictures with them!

I'm telling you! Boots are my new winter staple! I think I'm obsessed. Last year I'm quite sure it was converse sneakers. I asked for like a million pairs last Christmas. I think I have like 5 pairs right now. I still wear them of course, just not as often as my black UGG boots and my BC boots. Seriously, I am so going to wear these down by June.

So yeah, that was a rather odd way to start my blog. But my Lit teacher, Mr. Murphy, always told me that the best way to start a piece of writing is to start out right in the middle of the action. Plus the fact that I suck at introductions doesn't really help.

My name is Alex. I'm sixteen years old and live the fabulously rugged Massachusetts! For those of you who live the places blessed enough to stay warm all year, its flipping freezing, here, in Massachusetts.

Here's just how freezing it is...

That's me with the snowball. The little person on the right is my little cousin, Birgitta. She's a cutie. Don't worry I didn't whip that snowball at her, that would be mean!

So I am creating this blog for one soul purpose. I have many interests and many things I like to dabble in. These include

  • Photography

  • Fashion

  • Music

  • Film

  • Literature

There will never be just one topic to my posts. I'll most likely throw in some random crap under these categories...and others sometimes.
I have a lot of friends that I do projects with so you'll be sure to get a glimpse of one or two of them from time to time.
I think that's about it for the introduction. I'll be back with more stuff to say so check back!