Saturday, March 19, 2011


Orveito & Florence: March 2-4

We had an eight hour bus ride from Sorrento to Florence, with a stop in Orveito. The stop in Orveito was amazing with buildings made of stone and a view of some pretty kickass castles. By the time we finally got the Florence the sun had already set and our guide, Oshri brought us to the best view in Florence. Our first full day in Florence was spent admiring the Statue of David and touring at Misuri, Florence's famous leather shop. I actually bought something there - a fitted, purple, leather jacket. Some of us sampled some typical Florentine cuisine, Lampredotto, which is the third stomach of a cow served up like burger in a spicy sauce. We were taken to cooking school in the evening where we made out own pasta and Schiacciata Alla Florentina, which is a tradition Florentine cake made with blood oranges.

Friday, March 18, 2011

journey to pompeii and soaking up that (nonexistent) capri sun

Sorrento, Pompeii, & Capri: February 28-March 2

 Riding around in a tour bus around the winding road in Sorrento can either be thrilling or scary as hell. I was just glad that I wasn't driving. We arrived in Sorrento on Monday, February 28 and stayed there for the night, before visiting both Pompeii and Capri the next day. The weather was less than ideal, but the view were breathtaking nevertheless. Being in the ancient city of Pompeii was much like stepping into another time and walking around the Island of Capri, dipping our toes into the warm Tyrrhenian Sea, was totally unreal. I had the thickest (and best) hot chocolate I've ever had at small cafe in Piazetta in Capri and stepped on a lucky "falis" on the street in Pompeii. I hope to return to both places on a day when the weather is more ideal. Soak up some real Capri sun!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

when in rome

Rome, Italy: February 26-28

I'M BACK! I actually got back March 6, but I've just been so busy with school, and dance, and Russian club. It's funny thinking of the almost-catastrophe that occured during third period the Friday we left for Italy. I realized that I left Cammy at home...God only knows how many beats my heart skipped. Luckily, my parents are merciful people and agreed to bring me Cammy right after school. If it hadn't have been for that I wouldn't have anything to show for my trip - well aside from a bunch of rings and a leather jacket. These photographs are my favorites that I took in Rome; I took TONS of photos during the trip so I decided to put them up by city. I was a bit of a creeper in Italy - I took a lot of photos of random people; including some girly with an awesome leather bag, a man and a woman painting, and a girl with killer fringe cowboy boots. Rome was just as incredible as it was before, if not even more so with the fact that I was with my friends this time. I shall being uploading photos from our two-night stay in Sorrento as well as in Florence and Venice, within the next few days!