Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the cold has killed us

(Free People lace dress, Forever 21 wool floppy hat, vintage belt, and Kelsi Dagger wedges)
(Small sign of life outside today, standing in a massive snow storm yesterday, and my Kelsi Dagger wedges post-snow storm)

I was sitting in my room today, stretching, wondering what I should do for my 365 today when I looked out the window to watch the snow fall. That's when I saw this, a few orange leaves still attached to the big maple tree outside my bedroom window. I thought it was odd that with all the snow storms we've had Boston, these few colored leaves had managed to stay on the branch. I had been thinking of uploading another photo of the snow storm, but I decided that I was sick of all the white. I've been anxiously waiting for spring to bring some color into this snowy landscape and today it did.
 Yesterday was a pretty good day; my Mom dismissed me from school at 9:30 due to a massive snow storm and I spent the rest of the day running around in the snow with Cammy in tow. You may be wondering what you're looking at in the second picture; well the answer is me standing in the middle of the storm (black suede wedges and all.) My Daggers were covered in snow by the time I came inside, I had to put them by the fire so that all the snow would melt. I kind of wish I'd gotten a shot of the Daggers right after I took them off, but whatever, chances are that I will get one eventually the way I run out during storms.

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