Saturday, March 19, 2011


Orveito & Florence: March 2-4

We had an eight hour bus ride from Sorrento to Florence, with a stop in Orveito. The stop in Orveito was amazing with buildings made of stone and a view of some pretty kickass castles. By the time we finally got the Florence the sun had already set and our guide, Oshri brought us to the best view in Florence. Our first full day in Florence was spent admiring the Statue of David and touring at Misuri, Florence's famous leather shop. I actually bought something there - a fitted, purple, leather jacket. Some of us sampled some typical Florentine cuisine, Lampredotto, which is the third stomach of a cow served up like burger in a spicy sauce. We were taken to cooking school in the evening where we made out own pasta and Schiacciata Alla Florentina, which is a tradition Florentine cake made with blood oranges.

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