Friday, March 18, 2011

journey to pompeii and soaking up that (nonexistent) capri sun

Sorrento, Pompeii, & Capri: February 28-March 2

 Riding around in a tour bus around the winding road in Sorrento can either be thrilling or scary as hell. I was just glad that I wasn't driving. We arrived in Sorrento on Monday, February 28 and stayed there for the night, before visiting both Pompeii and Capri the next day. The weather was less than ideal, but the view were breathtaking nevertheless. Being in the ancient city of Pompeii was much like stepping into another time and walking around the Island of Capri, dipping our toes into the warm Tyrrhenian Sea, was totally unreal. I had the thickest (and best) hot chocolate I've ever had at small cafe in Piazetta in Capri and stepped on a lucky "falis" on the street in Pompeii. I hope to return to both places on a day when the weather is more ideal. Soak up some real Capri sun!


  1. Hey it's Caroline. I might draw you again because...well because I can. Plus all of your pictures are oh so pretty. :] I'm jealous.

  2. Thanks, Caroline! I'd love for you to draw me again - it makes me feel cool! <3