Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ladyhawke, bon iver, temper trap, the editors, the black keys...OH MY!

I was given a $25 iTunes gift card for Christmas last week and of course I spent it all in one go. Here's what I've bought so far. I still have about $2.00 left over so...

I found on article on her in a Teen Vogue from last year. I was bored so I checked her out and loved it. It sounds like indie dance music. Who doesn't like dance music? My favorite song on here has to be Magic the video is awesome. It reminds me a lot of old music videos from the  80's. The guy in there is pretty hawt too.

Bon Iver did a collaboration with St. Vincent on the Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack. The song was called Roslyn and it's my favorite song at the moment, I could listen to it over and over. I decided to look them up on Pandora and I loved them. I bought this a few days ago and I have yet to fully listen to it, but so far I really like Flume. The whole album is very sweet, it's the kind of music that I wish someone would write about me.

I just recently saw (500) Days of Summer and I loved it! The whole story was all very sweet. The soundtrack was great too, but I didn't buy it (I was running out of dough on my iTunes card [I had about $5.00 left on my card by then.]) I didn't buy the whole Temper Trap album either, just Sweet Desposition. The song just makes me feel happy. It practically owns my iPod right now.

Another Twilight-related band. I'm sorry they just put such good music on that soundtrack, I listen to it practically everyday! I loved No Sound But The Wind so of course I looked them up on iTunes too. I sadly couldn't buy the whole album, but I did buy An End Has A Start which is one of my favorites on the album.

I'm a huge White Stripes fan, so I made a station for them on Pandora and the Black Keys came up. I love their sound. Dan Auerbach has an awesome voice. I'm such a sucker for blues-rock bands, they just sound so cool. I only bought I Got Mine, which is yet another song that makes me happy. I'll have to be extra nice to my mommy so that she'll let me buy the rest of the album =)

Oh and...

I bought the Woman King - EP a couple weeks ago, but I think it's good enough to blog about. I've had Iron & Wine on my iPod for a while (Naked As We Came; Love And Some Verses; Flightless Bird, American Mouth) but when I looked up Bon Iver, Iron & Wine came up too and I really liked a bunch of the songs. I bought this because I heard Jezebel and I really liked it.

My taste in music changes a lot, but these days I've been really into Folk-rock.


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