Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Me + Fashion

I am in love with Rodarte! I have spent the last 24 hours flipping through Vogue and seeing nothing but Rodarte and I decided that I love it (especially those black thigh high boots.) I just love all of the color schemes and the textures they use.

I love everything about this outfit. The texture is awesome, the color is awesome, and I love these tights!

These shoes by Rodarte and I are going to get married without a doubt. That is if they don't stab me to death before we do. I seem to always love this shade of blue and the studs give it such a cool edge.

I'm also crazy for Louis Vuitton. Ever since I saw this dress on Leighton Meester (I am a huge Gossip Girl fan.) Those red pumps really made the outfit. I once bought a dress like this from Charlotte Russe, but as always it wasn't as good as the real thing. I remember a few weeks ago I was flipping through Elle and found this dress. I got excited and looked for the price thinking maybe I could save up for it or something. My eyes jumped to the first price listed which was $480. I went "That's awfully cheap for a Louis Vuitton" but of course I looked harder and found that it was actually a Louis belt that was $480, I was more than a little upset to find that thw dress was $2,817. That'll put a dent in my piggy bank. I suppose I'll just have to stick with the dress from Charlotte Russe. It's too bad this would be my ideal semi-formal dress.

I love these, especially the third from the left with the blue and the black. Its absolutely gorgeous! If you haven't noticed from the name of this blog I love tulle. I have two tulle skirt that I wear all the time; one that I bought from Marshell's and one that I got at H&M the last time I was in Bostom. Like I said before that blue color is pretty much my favorite color right now.

The fall '09 Balmain jackets are amazing. I love them! The black military jacket on the far left is my favorite out of all of these. I want to be buried in that jacket. I want one to wear one of these jackets before I die. I really love the jeans here too.

The dress on the far right is my dream semi-formal dress. It is so gorgeous! These are kind of dress I would wear. I haven't been this excited about a mini dresses in a long time. They're short enough to dance in and they look awesome. I could do with a pair of those awesome boots too.

In case you haven't noticed I'm a sucker for black and when you add some girly touches like tulle or lace I'm hooked.

I got the Lola by Marc Jacobs lotion and parfume set for Christmas and I love it. It smells amazing. I've been  using it almost everyday since Christmas. I'm not all that crazy about his clothes, but I love his ads and shoes. I love the ones where he advertises his clothes they make me smile.

The majority of my fashion obsessions have to do with black, studs, and anything out of the ordinary, that you wouldn't see everywhere.

I'm going to have to upload a full picture of myself at some point ( tomorrow maybe.) That sounds good, I've been doing nothing but watching movies all week and soon I'll have to go back to school.

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