Thursday, December 24, 2009


Yeah so today I was helping out my mom with all of our Xmas preparations (cleaning not present-wrapping I suck at that) and it popped into my head

What to do with that money my grandma sent me for Christmas.

Hm....and then it hit me! I'll buy myself a pair of Dr. Martens!!!

Are these not the most amazing things you've ever seen? So yeah, Mama bear got all excited when I told her I wanted a pair of Dr. Martens. I apparently wore them as a youngster and she loved them. I'm sure I can scrounge up a picture somewhere...

Just ordered them As soon I get them I'm going to have to take some pictures with them!

I'm telling you! Boots are my new winter staple! I think I'm obsessed. Last year I'm quite sure it was converse sneakers. I asked for like a million pairs last Christmas. I think I have like 5 pairs right now. I still wear them of course, just not as often as my black UGG boots and my BC boots. Seriously, I am so going to wear these down by June.

So yeah, that was a rather odd way to start my blog. But my Lit teacher, Mr. Murphy, always told me that the best way to start a piece of writing is to start out right in the middle of the action. Plus the fact that I suck at introductions doesn't really help.

My name is Alex. I'm sixteen years old and live the fabulously rugged Massachusetts! For those of you who live the places blessed enough to stay warm all year, its flipping freezing, here, in Massachusetts.

Here's just how freezing it is...

That's me with the snowball. The little person on the right is my little cousin, Birgitta. She's a cutie. Don't worry I didn't whip that snowball at her, that would be mean!

So I am creating this blog for one soul purpose. I have many interests and many things I like to dabble in. These include

  • Photography

  • Fashion

  • Music

  • Film

  • Literature

There will never be just one topic to my posts. I'll most likely throw in some random crap under these categories...and others sometimes.
I have a lot of friends that I do projects with so you'll be sure to get a glimpse of one or two of them from time to time.
I think that's about it for the introduction. I'll be back with more stuff to say so check back!

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