Friday, December 25, 2009

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree!

Merry Christmas!
I'm really finding it funny that I am finding the time to blog about my Christmas with the hectic day I've had. So today I got up, helped my mom cook (in other words we warmed up the turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes that we had Market Basket prepare for us) then my aunt, uncle, and cousin surprised us by arriving early. Of course I ran upstairs before they could see me with a bare face and wearing baggy sweats (shivers.) I came down, finally looking presentable and we had an awesome Christmas. I'll have to blog about the awesome presents I received. My mom seriously knows me better than I do...I think.

And now for a cute xmas pic of me and my cousins!

That's me on the far right, my cousin Mikaela on the far left, and little Birgitta in the middle. She's the cousin in the picture of me with the snowball I posted yesterday.

Damn my stomach hurts from all those Christmas cookies. I really think Birgitta put some kind of drug in there to make them addicting! I ate so much today I'm going have to stay at the gym all day tomorrow to work off all that. No worries its the holidays.

I'm looking at the clock and it says 9:54, I honestly thought it was later than that. I'll blog more about my Christmas tomorrow, but in the mean time tell me about yours.

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