Saturday, October 23, 2010

You are fading

(Mikaela: Delias t-shirt, Birgitta: Victoria's Secret Pink t-shirt)

I should really start uploading these in order. I swear! Once I get all of my work up to date I will begin uploading cronologically.

This is a pretty simple shoot; not planned at all. The Cousins just showed up very late in the afternoon and I just threw white t-shirts from my own wardrobe at them and told them go outside and pose for me. I noticed that I didn't have any shots with the two of them so I decided to actually do some sisterly photographs.

The first and last shots are probably my favorites. The first took a very long time to position just the way I wanted it; they just didn't understand what I wanted them to do and everytime I would tell them to move into place they would bonk heads, which was pretty comical. The last - to me - is almost haunting. Neither of them knew that I was taking the picture and I think they saw something move behind them and Mikaela just turned so fast right when I snapped the pictures. I'm usually OCD when it comes to blury photos, but I did not mind this one because it almost looks deliberate.

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