Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wilting rose petals

My mom has this gorgeous flower garden all around our house. Usually when I take photographs I go outside to take them; its rare that I shoot indoors. There is just so much to play with outside. But anyway it was like 7:00 and I really liked the way these yellow and orange roses looked and I knew they wouldn't look as good in the morning so I just shot them right then and there.

I had SUCH a long day today! First, I went to school and did education stuff 'til 2:00 then I came (drove) home, and then got picked up at my abode at 4:00 for my LAST driving lesson ever, so that lasted until 6:00 and then I had to go to dance from 7-9. Now I am blogging to you lovely people. The weather didn't help so much with all the running around I was doing all day. It was seriously 76 degrees out...in October - only in New England that's all I have to say!

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