Sunday, October 24, 2010


(J.Jill velvet top, Free People fingerless gloves)

These were taken for a collection that I'm doing involving "embracing" your flaws and making them beautiful. I was very self-conscience about almost everything about myself for many years. It wasn't until recently that I embraced and began to acknowledge my unique ethic background and began to show it off. I am biracial and very proud of it. These photographs are very personal to me partly because they are so shot so close to my face that you can really see every flaw of my face. The last is odd to me; it doesn't even look like me.

I fell like I've been falling into a make up rut lately and I so bought a new cream eye shadow my Make Up Forever that I am in love with! It's this very bright green color and it really makes my pop. The lipstick is Sephora brand. I don't wear it very often but I think I might start. I got these Free People gloves last December at their store in Boston. I'm not an enmorous fan of J.Jill because I think its for older women. But I raded my mom's closet the other day and found some pretty awesome stuff that she doesn't even wear anymore. Velvet is in for fall so I figured I might as well snag it!

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