Monday, October 25, 2010


My friend, Jill and I came up with a really awesome concept for an art film. We decided to do it in the woods with all of our friends. We made plans to get together and film this last Saturday, but unfortunately only a few of us could attend - even Jill couldn't be there! Since only a few of us were able to film we went out and did a little shooting, but decided to save all of the big shots until we were all able to be there. I'll be sure to upload the finished product when it's done.

These are a few "behind-the-scenes" photos taken under a bridge near my house. I have to go back there and take some more; I just love the look of concrete! Greg managed to steal my bomber hat from Saver's and wear it for pretty much the entire time we filmed. Saver's is pretty much my go-to place for cheap awesomeness. I think I've gone there at least five times in the past three weeks. 


  1. great pics!
    what a lovely blog! i just bumped into it and i like it so mych!


  2. thank you! I'm glad that you like it! XD