Sunday, December 26, 2010

Adam's Ale Muse

Happy Boxing Day to all those inhabitants of countries where the day after Christmas is an actual holiday! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I spent the beginnings of my Christmas vacation up in North Conway with the cousins. I got to leave school early on Wednesday so that we could drive up North to go skiing with the cousins.

Hem hem, now back to my subject; I'm sure you're wondering where these were shot and the answer is in the pool at the North Conway Grand Hotel! I had finished swimming and I was just dangling my feet over the side of the pool, watching Mikaela and Birgitta swim. That's when I noticed how amazing the image of Mikaela looked submerged under the water. So I actually ran all the way back to our room (by "ran" I mean took the elevator all the way up to the fourth floor) to grab Cammy just so I could take some photographs of Mikaela in the water and I'm glad I did because these look so different from my usual shots!

I always get a little sad the day after Christmas. Its the kind of sad when you don't know what to do with yourself now that the fun of the Christmas season is over. But I'm hoping to cheer myself up a little bit by searching for the perfect pair of Jeffrey Campbell platforms (within my Christmas money price range) and cooing at everything Agnes from Despicable Me does.

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