Wednesday, December 29, 2010


(Free People lace slip, thrifted silky robe, Kelsi Dagger wedges, knit headband from Metropark, Forever 21 & Lucky Brand rings.)

Not sure what to call my paisely, silky robey-thingy...I got it Saver's and I was drawn to it for some reason and I don't even like paisely! I threw it on with the slip that I was wearing (which happened to be this one) and I liked the way they looked together. On top of that its from Saver's so if you frequently shop at Saver's like I do, you'll get it. We don't have a lot of thrift stores around here so I have to buy most of my things new, but Saver's is awesome because I find SICK stuff that I can't find anywhere else. The headband was on sale at Metropark a while ago and I never really thought to wear it around my forehead until yesterday when I looking for a thick band to wear.

Yesterday was a good day. BLACK SWAN was amazing! It gave me just the right dose of my favorite things - ballet, insanity, beautiful people, and RODARTE! Being a dancer, myself I now find it odd that I've never seen Swan Lake; this of course will change as soon as possible. I have a new-found respect for Natalie Portman. I'm so glad that I finally got to see it. After seeing a morning showing of Black Swan and got lunch at Panera with some friends and then we played a few rounds of mall hide-and-seek. I don't know if you've ever played this, but if you're ever done with peering in the windows of stores whose glorious contents are unaffordable on your budget try it out!

OH! BTW the black lace Free People dress came yesterday! LOVE!


  1. I seriously don't know how you ONLY have three followers. You have such amazing style! I love the outfit, especially the paisley top. Looks great on you! And I still have yet to see black swan!

    Love & Labels

  2. thank you very much! XD You must see it; its amazing!