Thursday, December 30, 2010

leftover Chinese food

These were taken a couple days ago, when I was one my clothing roll, but I didn't want to upload them in the same bulk as the clothing pictures so...Bit of an uneventful day; our plans to go into Burlington fell through so we stayed in, ate some leftover Chinese food, and watched a bunch of movies. Had a good time yesterday with the cousins. We took a trip to Saver's and surprisingly enough I bought nothing but a children's tricycle (which just happened to gave 4 wheels...not quite sure what to call it) for $1.99. We went out to dinner at a Chinese place near our house and ordered WAY to much food (hence the "leftover Chinese food.") Despite doing nothing today I have some BIG plans for tomorrow. Its freakin New Year's Eve! You have to have big plans on New Year's. A bunch of us are going to a party at Lexii's and staying for the night. Should be fun lots of awesome stuff like barbecue chicken pizza and Twister! WILL be posting early tomorrow about my party outfit which includes my new lace dress, heels, and a vest - excitment!

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