Tuesday, December 28, 2010

lonely fur-trapper

(H&M plaid button-down, Zara T-shirt, Dalia Collection faux fur vest, boots from BC Footwear, bomber hat from Saver's, Owl & Black Stone rings from Forever 21.)

I woke up pretty late yesterday morning and...the world was white! We had a huge blizzard last night! I didn't get into photography until early last winter and during that time all I wanted to photograph were grassy scapes, not snowy white ones. But ironically enough when I finally got the chance to photography and springy landscape I wanted the snow! I'm trying to teach myself to live and moment and make the most of the backdrop given to me. Sooo...as soon as I saw the snow I ran to my closet and grabbed the warmest junk I could find and threw it on! I ended up looking like this, like lonely, modern-day fur-trapper. I think that's how I'm going to dress this winter.

Going to see Black Swan today now that its finally playing somewhere near me! Rodarte tutus and lesbian make out scenes here I come! Then I'm meeting up with some friends for a much-needed Saver's run. I'll be sure to come back to all of you with some second-hand goodies! Have a happy Tuesday!


  1. That vest is amazing! As is your hat. And I'm so jealous you get snow where you live! It's so beautiful. And I want to see black swan! I hope you enjoy it.

    Love & Labels

  2. I looked through your blog and I think the photos are so beautiful, somehow vulnerable if I might say :) And I like it! I'll become your reader, hope you have time to visit my blog someday aswell :)

    Story of a Day Well Spent