Wednesday, January 26, 2011

nothing but genuine

I sincerely wish that I could say that I took these today. But I can't because I took them on a scorching hot day back in June. I went out for sushi today with Oakley and while shivering my way to my car, I found myself reminiscing about this past summer and how much fun I had. A lot of stuff happened that has made me a much happier person. I grew a lot closer with some of my (now) best friends and I discovered my love for photography. I count the summer of 2010 as a very fond memory.

This shoot was actually one of my firsts. Lexii and I did this for her model portfolio with a series of three different looks; this was the "fun" one. I was looking through them when I got home today and all I could think of was how hot those tracks were! Lexii actually wanted to sit on the track (which she did) and she might have burned her butt had I not been quick about taking the picture. I've gotten a lot better at editing since the last time I looked at these photos so I decided to revamp them with some new editing. I think I finally got them just right.

That smile on Lex's face is nothing but genuine - I am almost certain that photo 3 is a candid. She's always fun to photograph and is always willing to go for it no matter how bizzare, uncomfortable, or "hot" (see photo 4) the job is. We always have a great time laughing during our shoots and we're always thinking about new concepts. I can't wait until summer when the fields are at the beautiful peaks!


  1. You met me this past Summer :)

  2. Yes, I did meet you this summer Kylie hahaha! That was yet another awesome part about my summer.