Thursday, January 13, 2011

glass tastes better

(Blazer from Saver's, Zara t-shirt, rings from Forever 21)

So TODAY I got up, brushed my teeth, did my makeup, got dressed for school, and then I go online to check to is MAYBE school got cancelled again. As luck would have it IT WAS! I did try to shovel yesterday and I was out there for like two hours trying to dig my car out so I'm pretty glad I don't have to worry... about leaving the house until tomorrow. As for the photograph for today, a couple days ago we had a discussion in Economics class and my teacher said "I can only drink soda out of either a glass battle or a can, I can't drink it out of a plastic bottle it just kills the taste!" So today I decided to drink a can of rootbeer (out of a plastic bottle) and then I decided to poor half of the bottle into a glass bottle that I kept from a trip to Italy with my mom and I drank both. Weirdly enough, the rootbeer in the glass bottle tasted so much better than the one in the plastic! Thank you Mr. Genest, I will be carrying around a spare glass bottle around with me for life.

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