Friday, January 14, 2011

death by glitter

Forgive the glitter propaganda, but yesterday I went over to Lexii's during our snowday to finally how our long-awaited beach in the snow shoot (which will be uploaded tomorrow.) We came up with this concept in a very spur of the moment way. I had kind of been wanting to use this glitter to sprinkle on someone's face and I'd all ready tried doing it to myself (that worked out swell!...NAWT!) so I decided since I always carry my glitter jar in my little photoshoot baggy, "why not have Lexii do it?" Anyway its kind of funny that this last minute descison concept turned out even better than I thought. I am so pleased with how these came out! We took a bunch and I love them all! This is actually most of it, that's why there's so much.

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