Saturday, January 8, 2011

cosmic love

(Free People top, jacket, and skirt; elephant pendant from Micheals; cameo necklace from Claire's; rings gifted and from Forever 21.)

I didn't notice how decked out I was in Free People until just now. I just kind of grabbed whatever and threw it on and headed out the door with a jar of glitter and my camera. Hmmm I should do that more often. I really liked how these photographs turned out. You probably can't really see what I'm wearing but its a jacket I got at the Free People store in Burlington, and a top I got from there over the summer layered over a skirt that I ordered from their website. I've asking around seeing if any of my models were free today so that I could shoot them with the glitter but as it turns out no one was. On top of that it was snowing so...yeah I just went with using myself.

1 comment:

  1. A jar of glitter?! I wish I had that, haha. Free People is amazing! And you are absolutely gorgeous!

    Love & Labels