Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snow day

Snow day today! It is too glorious for words and it couldn't come at a better time! I've been up to my forehead in work that was all due yesterday so having a snow day today was the perfect way to get some downtime. I know that you all know by now that "downtime" is code for obsessive photography the crap out of anything around me. So today it was the magnificent blizzard outside my window. I actually woke up this morning, opened my window, stuck my camera outside, and took pictures from my second-floor window! Then I decided that there were plenty of things to shoot on the ground too so I went outside. Let's just saw that my black, midlength UGGs had become white, thigh-high boots within a few minutes. I was beginning to get worried about Cammy getting too wet so I came inside; my lense was beginning to fog up anyway.

Also before braving the cold snowy day to get these photographs, I did I bit of much-needed video-editing. This video features Mikaela & Birgitta on a crisp fall day just after Thanksgiving. I love how long it takes me to edit my video projects. We also took a bunch of photographs which I have posted about before.

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