Friday, November 12, 2010

animal inside

Chosing a name for this shoot was probably the hardest thing Lexii and I have ever done. It was pretty ridiculous how long it took to chose a title. This is the infamous hat that I mentioned yesterday and I must say that when she showed it to me at Jill's last night I was pretty excited to shoot it! She told me she got it at Hot Topic and its furry with two long strips with paw-like  mittens that were the most adorable thing I have ever seen! We both are obessesed with Lady Gaga and we have been wanting to Gagaesque shoot together for months. This was not the part of the shoot that was "Gagaesque" for those of you raising your eyebrows - that came later. But when Lexii was describing the hat to me before we say each other yesterday she said that it could go animalistic or Gagesque so I said "why not do both!" This is the animalistic half of the shoot (I will upload the Gagaesque tomorrow.) We went for cat-like look which turned out nicely. I was very happy to be working with Lex again, its been a few months since our last session and we're hoping to make it more regular.

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  1. Your hat is great!

    With love, Samm