Monday, November 1, 2010


Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you all had a safe Halloween; I know I did. Now that I'm finally home from my awe-inspiring weekend I have a TON of photos to upload. This isn't even half of them. On I've have lately been running out of locations to shoot so on Saturday my friend, Jill, took me around her hometown and showed me a few new places to shoot (I'll upload some of the review shots later.)

On Sunday I spent the day with Jill's family and shot their family portaits which was a lot of fun. Jill and I stayed behind at the park and took a few edgier photos. I have yet to put the family photos on a CD for Jill's family, but when I do I will upload a few of them here. What she was wearing earlier was a bit commercial so we borrowed a flannel from her Dad and it ended up working very well with the color of her hair and the scenery. I quite liked the shoot.

Then when night rolled around my friends and I got together and went Trick-or-Treating as the Rugrats!

Sadly, we didn't have a Chucky or a Susie, but it was pretty awesome; we ran around from 6-8 dressed as cartoon babies, collecting candy in pillow-cases, and wearing diapers made out of sheets. Yeah that was a pretty awesome Halloween.
Throughout this entire weekend Jill and I listened to Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and I have to say that I am IN LOVE with it! and that's where I got the name from. I've still got to buy the album, but that'll happen soon and I'll blog about it.


  1. Beautiful pics, love the check pattern.

    Puck //