Monday, November 8, 2010

video propaganda

Over the summer I began experimenting with videography. I edited a few fun videos out of clips taken of me and my friends and then I began filming more art films. I posted yesterday and then realized that I hadn't posted any of my videos on here! I thought you guys might want to check it out. I edited the two with Lexii in "Windows Movie Maker" which came with my laptop and I edited Birgitta's with "Adobe Premiere Elements 0.8."

I really hope you enjoy them.

This one was my very first art film. Lexii and I are both huge Andy Warhol & Edi Sedgewick fans so we decided that for our first video collaboration we decided to go for a vintage, 60's feel and that's what the finished product became. It was funny at first because Lexii wasn't used to seeing herself starring in her own art film and I wasn't used to having pictures moving as I edited them.

During the first video, Lexii and I overlooked quite a few bits of good footage. This was pretty much a scrap video - made of some scraps of unused footage and some previously used footage. Hope you like it!

My little cousin, Birgitta, is one the people I care about the most in the world. This was the first video that I edited in Adobe Premiere so please be kind. The footage in this video was taken the same day as the "Skinny Love" photo set.

Nothing too happy happened today. I went to school, got home and went right to my room to study for 3 quizes, finish up a project, and do other homework stuff. Not a very eventful Monday.

How was yours?

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