Wednesday, November 10, 2010

just kidding...nature kicks mario cart butt!

Family Game Night was cancelled thanks to a certain someone (John, your immune system sucks!) So am home tonight, when I should be downing massive amounts of grape soda and losing miserably at Mario Cart. On the bright side I spent the evening with my mom and we went out to one of my favorite places in the whole wide world - Sephora! I got some stuff...which I will blog about tomorrow. The lighting's not good at the moment and Cammy (my camera) is being kind of a big jerk right now - not focusing like a good little camera - so I have been forced to blog about something other than beauty and fashion - NATURE!

These were taken two weeks ago during my walking tour of Jill's hometown. No Jill to be seen in this post, but lots and lots of NATURE! I just love the fall for its colors, for its smell, and also for the amazing backdrop it creates for my photography...okay I really like stuffing my face at Thanksgiving and hot chocolate on a nippy night, BUT I still love the scenery more than I love that of summer or spring. I don't take a lot of photographs of subjects other than people, but its been growing on me a lot lately and I think I will be doing a lot more of it. I was experimenting with my "sports" option on Cammy for the water shots. I don't use this option too often because...well I don't go to a lot of sporting events that I actually watch. ANYWAY it took the fast moving water beautifully so for that I think I will be using it more often for moving targets (for lack of a better word.) It took me this long to actually go through the nature shots and edit the keepers and I am so glad that I finally did. I do have more that I edited, but I'll save that for a rainy day.

Assuming that all my friends don't come down with some cursed 24-hour flu tomorrow, a bunch of us should be seeing "Due Date" tomorrow afternoon and then going over to Jill's for the night. I know last weekend was great with the Blair Witch Project and Toy Story 3 so I'm hoping tomorrow night will be just as awesome! Thank goodness for long weekends...and the mercy of my high school for giving me an extra day off Friday.

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  1. Fantastic shots girl. Love our photography.