Tuesday, November 9, 2010

john lennon specks

(Thrifted circle sunglasses)

Since last April, my friends Lexii, John, Peter, and I have been getting together for "Family Game Night." We've had 3 since last spring and we've been trying to have them whenver we can and we're having one tomorrow at Lexii's! It's a good time we play Star Wars Trouble, Family Feud, Mario Cart, and the Game of Things. I'm not quite sure why we always play these, but its what we have and its fun every time. This will be the 4th time so...I'm thinking we might do something we don't usually do.

This photo was taken at our last Family Game Night when Lexii asked to try on my "John Lennon Specks" - as I call them. I got these from Saver's...like every other awesome thing in my closet. Not much of an upload tonight. I've got a lot of work to do and tests to study for, but I took a little break to do something fun. I just wanted to fill you in on my plans for tomorrow. Since my school decided to be awesome we have Veteren's Day (Thursday) and Friday off...just because. So I obviously am going to take extreme advantage of this and do as much fun stuff as possible!

Here's a video that I made of what our game nights are typically like. The footage is all from our first one back in April. ENJOY!

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