Thursday, November 11, 2010

track you down

HAPPY VETERANS DAY! and a very happy birthday to my good friend Marissa! Thanks to all the vets who have fought so hard for our country. You guys rock.

I have just received word via Facebook that Lexii got an awesome hat that is "begging to be photographed" so we're getting together tomorrow after Jill's for a photo session with said camera-whore hat. Not sure what we're doing for the shoot quite yet - seeing as I haven't even seen the hat yet.

I just love it when my friends contribute to what I do; it really makes it worth-while.

This was taken - again - on the walking tour of Merrimack. I swear the place is crawling with photo-worthy scapes! I think I should move there and take photographs in my backyard everyday. I found these train tracks to be so inspiring. Jill was sharing a few memories from these tracks and was really inspiring to hear her stories and what this place meant to her. I'm sure to be back.

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  1. Love these nature shot that you take.