Thursday, November 4, 2010

ten cent pistol grip

(Geek Glasses from Newbury Comics; Dress from Aerie)

I feel like I've uploaded like a million photos in this Aerie dress. These are actually from a while ago in September...I PROMISE that I will start uploading more current  things...hmm maybe I'll stop uploading all of my weekend shoot photos all together in one post. Maybe I'll start uploading like one photo a day! XD yeah I don't think I'll be able to do that.

ANYWAY about these photos. The photo at the head of my first mixtape is a part of this shoot. My status of Facebook for like a week was "really wants some waterguns." I was very inspired by some fake, very real-looking guns that I saw in a magazine and I just thought "hmm maybe I should start working with props." SO I go over to Oakley's house and she says she has a present for me and before I left she hands me a bag that has these three bright and colorful WATERGUNS! That was a while ago and I waited until the end of September to shoot; I made shot the solos of the guns as an almost end of summer closer.


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  1. haha very cute pictures!! Your glasses are awesome :)

    fabulous blog btw :)