Monday, November 22, 2010

vacation AHOY!

Although Thanksgiving break is the briefest of all breaks I could not be more excited for it to being. I've been posting less and less as every teacher at my school decides to give more and more work! I've even got a history test the day I get back! But enough about that! I just can't wait until TURKEY DAY! These photographs were taken during the "Animal Inside" shoot with Lexii. I waited until now to upload these becuase 1. it takes me forever to thoroughly go through an entire batch of photos and 2. these looked more "Russian" to Lexii and I so we just decided to name them "Russian Incursu" which is Latin for "Russian Invasion" (or at least that's what Google Translate told me.) Well I have a busy day tomorrow, I am going to see Harry Potter 7.1 (yet again) in IMAX 3D with a couple friends and then its off to do some break homework. YAY!

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