Saturday, November 6, 2010

your lips are red

(Active lace top, Free People lace slip, and thrifted vest)

The vest - I'm just about positive - used to belong to some old lady with a million cats, but I'm not sure. I got it at the best place in the world - SAVERS! I'm telling you its the store I've been to the most in the past month. Even my friends love it! Oakley actually picked out this old-hippie vest saying "I bet you could rock this with something cool." I took her up on that bet and bought it for $4 and I've been wearing it everywhere.

During the summer I began to beg my mom to let me wear bright red lipstick. Whenever we would be in Sephora I would go right to the bright-colored lipstick and attempt to try some on and she would be all like "NO!" you're too young to wear red, it makes you look old. But I just would think "Hmm...well I'm 17 now, if I wear it now and look older that's fine, but when I'm like 40 looking old isn't good sooo...wouldn't make more sense to wear it now?" SO we were at the M.A.C. counter in Macy's and I snuck some M.A.C. Pro Longwear Lipcolour. Mom finally decided to let me buy it. I wore for about a week straight in August and then kind of just forgot about it until last night when I pulled it out again to try. So while I was editing these my Mom comes in and goes "WHOA! Why are you wearing red lipstick?" then she tells me to throw out the tube. I get all freak out and go "NO! It's from M.A.C. no way in hell am I throwing it out!"

Haha so yeah that was my night. I'm a sucker for nude lips, but sometimes they get boring so I pull this out for whirl. My eyes seem to get all the attention in the morning; it was time to give my lips a little attention.

I'm considering wearing this shade tonight when I meet up with my friends, but I'm not quite sure yet. I mean I like it in pictures and everything, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to showcase such a bold lipcolor to my friends quite yet. We'll see!

I cannot wait until 7:00 to get out of the house and away from homework!

Hmm...I'm thinking of blogging about my shoes tomorrow! Have a Happy Saturday!