Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blue Blood Blues

These were taken at a Dead Weather concert at the House of Blues in Boston that I went to in July. Probably the concert that I was the most excied to go to. I said in one of my previous posts that I am an enormous Dead Weather fan so going to one of their concerts was an amazing experience. You should have seen me bouncing off the walls before I left for the House of Blues. It was kind of ridiculous how excited I was.

Jack White has been my hero since my Freshmen year (gee it sure doesn't sound cool to say that until you get past sophmore year...) anyway! I listened to the White Stripes first then the Dead Weather and then I moved on to the Raconteurs - the order was a little messed, but I've loved everything he's done. It was pretty huge to see my idol in person. I enjoyed that conert so much that I actually asked my mom if she would take me to their last show in NYC...but she said no :(


  1. I LOVE Alison Mosshart. Have u checked out The Kills? You'd like them. I like your photos! Nice blog!

  2. ME TOO! Yes I have checked out the Kills! They're awesome; one of my favorites.

  3. ^^ Thanks for recommending, I've now googled -> watched & listened to all of these band's music ! Never heard of the Raconteurs or Dead Weather before, so it was so nice to found something new.