Sunday, November 7, 2010

in my shoes + mixtape #2

 (Jeffrey Campbell wooden clogs, Dr. Martens, Jeffrey Campbell for Free People studded oxfords & cork wedges, thrifted white moccasins, Kelsi Dagger wedge booties)

So over the summer I began my "cool" shoe collection; before this summer my shoes consisted of a pair of black, buckled UGG boots and a million pairs of converse, which I hardly even wear anymore. I got into Jeffrey's after looking for a pair of heeled clogs that looked like the ones from Chanel S/S 2010 and found these at Nordstrom. I loved them so much that I went on and found at least a million pairs of shoes that I love - I've been hooked since then.

These brown Docs are not my only pair - they're the only pair that I wear regularly. They're actually supposed to be my mom's, but she never wears them...because I wear them all the time! I got them in June and thought they were way too awesome to wait to wear until fall so I broke them in pretty fast in that hot, humid, New England weather. They look pretty old now - just the way I them!

I got the Jeffrey Campbell oxfords and the wedges in the same order on sale from Free People. The oxfords were supposed to be my school shoes (Catholic school with uniform) but I'm pretty sure that now that its cold enough to wear tights and flats I'll be wearing these more places than just school. I wore the wedges out a lot towards the end of the summer and also quite a few times to school on free dress days (days when we can wear whatever-the-hell we want) and I've gotten a bunch of compliments.

Alright so these "Walkables" are pretty much Minnetonka knock-offs. I actually have a legit pair - hmm probs should have included those...whatever I'm too lazy to add - but the sole fell off the first time I wore them out so I felt pretty jibbed. I fixed them with hot glue. ANYWAY I found these at Saver's for $8 which is WAY less then what I paid for the Minnetonkas. I've been wearing these a lot just because I love the beaded bird on the front and I really...don't have any white shoes.

These black wedge booties are the newest edition to my collection...and have yet to be worn outside the house. I was SO close to wearing them out the other day BUT I found something cooler to wear...pretty sure it was the Docs...I'll wear these eventually, but I <3 them so it won't be a problem. I got them at Marshall's for a pretty good price along with a pair of knee-high boots, which I was also going to include in this post, but couldn't figure out to properly shoot them sooo. You'll see them eventually; they're the kind of boots that look better on than not.

1. Thieves by She & Him
2. Kisses Over Babylon by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
3. Before Destruction by Spoon
4. Your Lips Are Red by St. Vincent
5. I Like My Mice (Dead) by Mildred
6. Opposite of Adolesence by Chiddy Bang
7. January Wedding by The Avett Brothers
8. Shakin' All Over by The Guess Who
9. Woman King by Iron & Wine
10. Split Needles by The Shins

Thankyou to all the awesome comments that I've been getting. I greatly appreciate everyone of them!


  1. Your shoes are absolutely great!

    Puck //

  2. I want the second boots :D soooo nice